List of references

We can help, thanks to the special expertise of our managing director, who is a lawyer and specialist for construction and architectural law with a degree in architecture. For over 10 years, we have successfully represented architects, specialist planners and engineers, especially when it comes to settling their claims with regard to the special field of Fee Regulations for Architects and Engineers (HOAI), but also in defending against wrongful cancellations etc.

picture: © Atelier ST
Friedensburg Radebeul
We have represented the rights of property owners of the prestigious object Friedensburg in Radebeul, both in and out of court, for many years in the area of public construction law, in particular special administrative law with regards to development freezes, zoning plans, approvals for changes of use, usage prohibitions etc.
For about a decade, we have been supporting a group of investors on numerous complex judicial and extrajudicial matters, especially concerning real estate law. This includes those in Chemnitz, for example the legal and the management of the implementation of a development plan in the Rabenstein district as developer, including contracts concluded on 4 building phases with foundation contractors and foundation engineers and other building participants, negotiations with the relevant authorities, among other things, regarding development agreements, reallocation proceedings, approvals of infrastructure works (streets) and green spaces, conclusion of property purchase agreements, mostly with consumers, sales agreements etc. as well as solutions to pending daily complex legal issues, our law firm has delivered the necessary services, resulting in three completed building sites with more than 150 plots. The fourth construction site is about to complete its project development.
Kulturpalast Chemnitz
Our law firm has represented the interests of the owners of landmarks, e.g. the Kulturpalast Chemnitz - also known as the mdr-Palast - for years. This includes those regarding security measures, demolition permits, negotiations with the city and the authorities, especially local and regional landmark offices as well as conclusion of urban development contracts etc.
Maxxon Ffm
Brokers, indispensable to the real estate industry, also require legal help in matters great and small, especially when it comes to settling their claims to brokers' fees. Among others, we currently represent a Berlin-based company that made sale / acquisition in a large transaction to Maxxon in Frankfurt am Main.
Beyond that, we have represented the legal interests of selected property owners all over Germany of the most diverse commercial real estate, including purely residential properties, mixed-use properties and commercially-used, small and larger shopping centres and have thus accumulated a large pool of experience, relying on practice-oriented handling of judicial and extrajudicial legal problems. Among other things, we are able to fully represent a large CapitalGroup with assets under management of 25 billion, more than 700 employees at 42 locations in 7 countries, as well as the interests of large-scale retailers.
In general, the current developer contract originally evolved after the Second World War as an answer to the housing shortage and poor existing housing. We primarily represent companies who have construction plans, mostly on their own property, in their own name for their own account or for the account of others. In doing so, companies are at risk. This is especially true if construction plans are disrupted, whether it be due to defects or delays or acceptance of special and joint property; special problems can occur that require legal action. Through our special expertise, we are able to give legal help to residential property owners and residential property owner associations (WEG).
We currently represent in the field of public building law the neighboring rights interests concerning a major construction project of an investor in Berlin-Mitte with the special features of a redevelopment area and a maintenance statute.